First Blog Entry - Here We go!


I wanted to start off my first entry by saying hello and giving a couple basic tips when it comes to living and eating plant-based:

I’m Gabrielle! I’m an actress, writer, singer, chef, zumba-lover, and vegan, living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I started eating vegan and living plant-based halfway through my freshman year in college. From one semester I could already tell that a Standard American Diet was making me sad, lethargic, EXTRA body conscious, and left me feeling ultimately pretty horrible inside and out. So, I leapt face-first into veganism knowing nothing (I didn’t know butter was made out of milk you guys…) but hungry for a healthier, happier quality of life. Now here we are six years later, glowing and making some damn delicious food along the way! With the love and support of my beautifully loving and wickedly talented fiancé Ace Anderson, we make endless amounts of vegan food and experiment everyday on ways to make plant-based %100 possible for anyone! Stay tuned for more.

GReat Health Tips

Ah! Yes! Here are a couple suggestions for anyone who is just starting out a vegan diet an needs some tips:

For some, eating a plant-based/vegan diet can be a challenge when transitioning for the first week or so. But, the good news is you’ve already made the choice to give veganism a try so the hardest part is over! Here are a few tips and suggestions when transitioning to a vegan diet:


Veganism doesn’t have to be complicated. At the end of the day it just comes down to focussing your meals on dark, leafy and nutrient rich vegetables and jazzing it up with some seasoning and different kinds of textures. Look to spice up your vegetable based meals with sauces, spreads, seasoning, and dips that have NO SUGAR, and NO SOY but plenty of flavor! 


Always, always, always read the ingredients on the packaging. Everything that is on the back of that package you are ingesting and it’s making you, YOU! I keep a rule of thumb that I won’t eat anything with more than 12 ingredients or ANY ingredients that I can’t pronounce (which is a lot when you start looking at the labels!) Make sure to also look at the amount of sugar and sodium in the sauces and dressings that you are buying. Most labels have in bold or capital letters what the allergy information is. It usually is under the whole list of ingredients and looks like:

This warning is usually what I first look for when scanning labels!


Hope you enjoyed reading and remember, Get Your Glow On!


-Gabrielle Reyes

Gabrielle Reyes