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Colorful & Home Cooked Meals



A plant-based diet is the first step to a Great life!  


One Great Taste
Delicious Recipes

We create delicious, healthy vegan meals made with organic plant-based ingredients from mouth watering burgers, raw-vegan tacos, gluten-free pancakes, to cake balls and more. 

One Great Source
Fresh & Organic

One Great Vegan's foods are made from fresh produce found at some of the best local farms like Farmers Markets.

Live with One Great Vegan
Learn How to Glow!

Watch the Live Cooking Show with One Great Vegan featuring step-by-step recipe instructions on how to make your own colorful cooking at home!


Guided Groceries

So, you’ve decided to begin eating plant based meals! But there is only one issue, you don’t know where to start when it comes to shopping. For some, when they start shopping for a vegan lifestyle it’s hard to decipher how to look at ingredients, what products to avoid, and how to pick ripe produce. One GReat Vegan offers guided grocery trips for anyone who needs help sorting out shopping for a plant-based diet.



Original Recipes

Everyday I’m always experimenting with ways to bring plant-based recipes to the general public and how to make the flavors and textures of the foods cater to vegans and non-vegans alike. I’ve been blessed to grow up around several different cultures and backgrounds since I was a wee little one and this has allowed me to take my knowledge of traditional and modern cuisine and bring it to your kitchen and events! From the islands of Jamaica to the streets of San Diego I’m happy to entice and excite you with a rainbow of flavors in my original recipes.


The Vegan Philosophy

For me, living a plant-based/vegan lifestyle means eating nutritious (and delicious), wholesome foods and ultimately working in tandem with the earth. I strive take only what is necessary and economically moral to continue to prosper and thrive on this planet and help others do so as well! After 6 years of being a tried and true vegan, I’ve gathered the best tips and recipes to make the most out of what Mother Nature has to offer.



Organic Cuisine

Luckily, in this day and age it’s easier and more budget-friendly to shop organic, gluten-free, and vegan now then it has ever been. With specialized organic produce sections at your local grocery store to farmers markets popping up all across the nation, organic and home grown food can fit into your day-to-day diet as well as at your catered event with ease!


Let's Get Glowing!

For some, eating a plant-based diet can be a challenge when transitioning. The good news is you’ve already made the choice to give veganism a try so the hardest part is over, and I’ll be here with you as you embark on the colorful path of veganism. Take the journey of growth and green-goodies and see how you can get your glow on!